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In the hustle of the days, we have less and less time to prepare delicacies in the comfort of our own home. For "Naslada" products we carefully collected the best family recipes - some of those that pass the test of time, are rewritten on leaves and stored in the home cookbook.

Homemade, delicious and fragrant sweets combined with freshly brewed tea add to the atmosphere of coziness and warm meetings with loved ones.

We believe that getting together is the best family tradition!
Сладкие гостинцы
Who of us doesn't want to go back to the carefree world of childhood?

We offer you to take an unusual trip on a time machine with TM "Sweet delicacies"! Playing classics and fishing in the morning, the delight of a caught butterfly, skinned knees and irresistible interest in puddles after the rain. TM "Sweet Gingerbread" keeps the traditional gingerbread classics: refreshing mint, sweet banana, delicate milk... 

Share the pleasant memories from childhood together with your favorite treats!
Здоровые традиции
It is known that good nutrition is an important component of good health and one of the factors of a healthy life. How to choose among all the delicacies that will be both tasty and healthy?

For those who are in the rhythm of modern life, TM "Zdorovye Tradititsii" offer a health-improving version of the classic pastries: with rye and oat flour, with flax seeds and sesame seeds, with chicory and pumpkin.

Taking care of the taste of food and increasing its healthiness, we are trying to diversify the taste of everyday life - familiar delicacies become a healthy tradition!
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