Company history

12 June 1995 - Establishing of a pastry shop for producing classical spice cakes.


1998 - Purchasing of the new equipment for producing spice cakes with fillings. Appearing of a new brand “Kroha”.


2002- Acquiring of a new production area.


2005 – Purchasing of a line for glazing.


2006 - Purchasing of the new equipment for sand cakes production.


2006 - Launching a new dragees production line.


2008 - Opening a shop for yeast-leavened sand cakes production.


2008 - Starting a shop for puff pastry production.


2009 - Purchasing of the tunnel oven and as a consequence increasing the production capacity by 50% and reducing manual labor.


2010 – Starting to produce packed products.


2012 – Increasing the production area by 25%.


2012 - Purchasing of a New Italian line and increasing the plant capacity by 30%.


2013 – Installing the silos for flour bulk storage.


2014 – Acquiring the area for new production capacities construction.


12 June 2015 г. – Voronezh Confectionary Works “Don” rebranded into “Sazhinskiy” Confectionary Works.