About company

Sazhinskiy Confectionary, formerly known as Voronezh Confectionary Plant “Don” has been working on the confectionary market since 1995.

Continuous and successful operation of the Plant is determined by many different factors, main of which is the quality of products.

 The company's products a wide range. Principal direction of the plant operation is the production of spice cakes and cookies. Production of ring-shaped cracknels is launched in 2017.

To date the Confectionary is promoting 6 trademarks: “Naslada”, “Sladkiye Gostinci”, “Kroha”, “Zdoroviye Tradicii”, “Zdorov’ye Sibiri”, “Papa Sadzhio”.

Sazhinskiy Confectionary developed and launched a system of product safety management, based on HACCP principles and corresponding the requirements of international standard ICO 20-2000, according to which the manufacture and storage of the company's products is completely safe.

The quality of products is monitored by the number of qualified employees, constantly improving their professional skills and competence.

The company guarantees high-quality products at a reasonable price, steady delivery and contract realization support.