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New diplomas and medals "For High Quality of Products"

     International Quality Review of flour confectionery products "Innovations and Traditions" took place in Moscow on February 25 - 28, 2018. The contest was held during the XII International Conference "Cakes. Waffles. Biscuits. Spice cakes - 2018 ". The purpose of the International Review is the evaluation and monitoring of trends in the assortment and quality development of flour confectionery products produced by Russian and foreign enterprises. The total of 242 samples of flour confectionery products from 39 enterprises were submitted to the jury. "Sazhinskiy" Confectionary presented its products among other participants of the show.


     As a result of jury decision the First Class Diploma and the Gold Medal "For High Quality of Products" were awarded to spice cakes "Sazhinskiy podarochniy", "Liki Voronezha" with decoration, spice cakes "Banana flavor", "Ginger Ring", "Rye", and butter cookies "Grain cookies" and "Shokorum". A diploma of the second degree and a silver medal "For high quality of products" were awarded to spice cakes "Cottage cheese and honey".

     "Sazhinskiy" is proud of the accomplishments and is ready to develop new products of high quality to win more awards in future.