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New Design of TM "Sladkiye Gostinci": immerse yourself in the world of childhood!

     Everything comes from childhood ... the ability to enjoy life, curiosity, and understanding that the world around you is beautiful. For the atmosphere of warmth and trust is created at family tea drinking and each of us wants to immerse into it and feel like a child with wide open eyes and pure heart.


      Sometimes, in order to immerse oneself into the wonderful world of memories and awake the dormant child inside, it is enough to feel "that very taste from childhood". Spice cakes are associated with such a taste for many Russians. There is nothing to be surprised about: spice cake is a traditional product for Russia. No other country of the world offers such an assortment of spice cakes and has such number of spice cakes producers.


      One of the company's trademarks - "Sladkiye Gostinci" appeared on the market more than 10 years ago. It is represented by a wide range of spice cakes without fillings of different tastes and shapes that became popular long ago. However, life goes on and today the company decided to rebrand TM "Sladkiye Gostinci" and set the task of creating a brand that will help getting into those very pleasant memories from childhood.

Пряники с ароматом банан - Сладкие гостинцы от кондитерского комбината Сажинский Пряники с ароматом клубника и сливки - Сладкие гостинцы от кондитерского комбината Сажинский
Пряники молочные - Сладкие гостинцы от кондитерского комбината Сажинский Пряники мятные - Сладкие гостинцы от кондитерского комбината Сажинский

     "Real world is not always comfortable and friendly - we can be frustrated by cold weather, or be in a bad mood, etc. ... But there is always something that can help: a cup of strong hot tea, a warm leg blanket and spice cakes of TM "Sladkiye Gostinci” from Sazhinskiy Confectionery which carry away into the memories of a carefree childhood."


     The concept of the brand was developed by a leading Moscow agency "Getbrand", which has many successful projects in the portfolio on rebranding and developing popular TMs of FMCG. In the process of brand development, when studying the focus-groups, the specialists became convinced once again that the name "Sladkiye Gostinci" fully corresponds to the brand vision. It is very positively evaluated by the target audience and creates an image of a tasty product of high quality, made with a soul, warmth and care of customers, suitable for both day to day and holiday occasions.


      The new design of the package is intended to emphasize all these advantages of the product. It addresses the sweet moments of childhood, touches emotions, revealing the child living inside every adult. Every woman will recognize herself in that carefree little girl with pigtails, pictured on the package, as well as any man will see his reflection in a boy. And they will remember those times when the trees were big, the sky was cloudless, and the world was full of joy and friendly.