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Exclusive from “Sazhinskiy“ confectionary: characters from cartoon "Trolls" 2016 will be on packs of TM "Naslada" and "Kroha"

     "Sazhinskiy" confectionary gained the right to use the famous cartoon characters “Trolls” 2016, upcoming on 27 October 2016, on the packaging of TM "Naslada" and "Kroha" products.

     On September 15, 2016 new colorful package for the products was released. On the renewed packs of spice cakes “Naslada” TM you will now see bright and optimistic Poppy and Guy Diamond. Today this brand is presented with a wide range of products, not only spice cakes and cookies, but also glazed products, dragees, cup cakes and toffees to fit the taste of each member of a family.

     Packs of “Kroha” products are now decorated with the images of a big blue troll Biggie and funny Cooper. “Kroha” brand is presented with small spice cakes with different fillings. This is an ideal product for those who have to have a quick snack every day.