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Gift to the city

     On Saturday, 3 September 2016, Voronezh was celebrating a City Day. To celebrate the 430 anniversary Sazhinskiy confectioners baked “Petrovskiy spice cake” for all the citizens. The presentation was held on the main square of the city. After the speech of the city and regional authorities the spice cake was brought out by a car, accompanied by the Sazhinskiy confectionary representatives. The cake went down through the central part of the city to Petrovskiy square. The car, taking the cake, was followed by those who longed to taste it.
     “Petrovskiy spice cake” was really gigantic. Its weight was more than 200 kg and the diameter was more than 320 cm. And that doesn't happen by accident. It is this very year that we are celebrating the 320 anniversary of the naval fleet foundation. The spice cake was decorated by the images of city attractions.    
     After the presentation, the representatives of Sazhinskiy confectionary brought the cake to Petrovskiy square where it was cut into smaller pieces in a special tent, and them given out to all the citizens. More than 2 500 people were able to appraise the original taste and exclusive design of the cake.