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There is hardly any family in Russia that does not cherish the memory of their own was hero…

     On 9 May Voronezh as well as the whole country celebrated the Great Victory, the riding of the world and the end of the terrible war that claimed millions of lives. The military, cadet corps and military students marched and the column of military machines moved in the very center of our city in tribute to the celebration. They were followed by the “Immortal Regiment” – thousands of people that hold the memory of those who did not return home.

Victory Parade on Lenin Square          “Immortal Regiment” march


On the concert venue between the Spartak cinema and Voronezh Philharmonic Hall there was held a “Field kitchen” event. Everyone was invited to try not only soldiers’ porridge but also big festive spice cakes from “Sazhinskiy” Confectionary.


большие праздничные пряники от Кондитерского Комбината «Сажинский»