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Waiting for the sun at the end of the Pancake week…

The Pancake week was celebrated for several days this year. The main celebrations in Voronezh were held on Sovetskaya square on 12 March. Hundreds of people came to celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. There were organized competitions, fairs, exhibitions of folk arts and crafts and performances of the best city bands and groups.  The celebration opened with the theatrical performance; the fairytale characters were seeing the frosty weather off and welcoming the spring. The cheerful atmosphere was also created by the street vendors, offering pancakes, spice cakes, round cracknels, candy apples and other delicacies. “Sazhinskiy” confectionary presented huge variety of confectionary products including lenten.  Moreover there was a large “Sazhinskiy souvenir spice cake” baked especially for the celebration. More than 100 people were able to taste it.



On Sunday, 13 March there was an entertainment program with singing, dancing, interesting competitions and contests organized for the employees of the confectionary as well as their children. Both children and adults took part in the games and contests showing dexterity and ingenuity with pleasure. The guests of the celebration were able to enjoy the delicacies including golden pancakes with caviar that no pancake week has ever been without.