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About us

    “Sazhinskiy” Confectionary Works, formerly known as Voronezh Confectionary Works “Don”, has been on the market of confectionery products since 1995.

    The long and successful work of the company on the Russian market results from the variety of factors. The most important of them is the correct and clearly defined strategy.

    The company guarantees high quality of products at a reasonable price, stable supplies and support in contract promotion. 

    The confectionary produces more than 300 kinds of products.

    The quality of the products is guaranteed by the numerous staff of well qualified employees. Now the Confectionary Works promote five major brands:«Kroha», «Naslada», «Zdorovye traditsii», «Sladkie gostintsy», «Zdorovie sibiri».

    Each brand includes certain groups of products and is in different price segment. For the customers working with retail chains there is a special range of products including more than 100 items.

  Confectionary Works “Sazhinskiy” is planning to increase the production capacity, construct sites and develop the new trends of the confectionary market.

Sazhinskiy Confectionary launched "Naslada" trade mark products in new metallized film design with an extended shelf life of up to 12 months. Now favorite flavors have become even more bright, stylish and attractive to customers!
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In May 2005, during the World Health Assembly, representatives of different countries decided to have annual World Blood Donor Day on 14 June..

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