In January 2019, Sazhinskiy Confectionary launched a unique campaign. We offered our partners to gather a collection of ceramic tableware consisting of 19 items. According to the terms of the campaign, each month the participants received a certain gift.
Corporate events of Sazhinskiy Confectionery have long ago become something more than just an ordinary meeting with colleagues. New Year corporate party is always a special, home-like warm atmosphere. Every year the employees are looking forward for the party and start preparing long before it.
We are pleased to announce new cookies in Sazhinskiy confectionery range of products. We have taken the classic "Americaner" as a basis and slightly diversified the recipe.
The Federal Register "All-Russian Book of Honor" was formed in 2008, and since 2013 it has been filled in annually. The Federal Register is formed by the state and municipal executive authorities. Unlike other directories and databases of the "best companies", which can be include any organization on a fee-paying basis, Federal Register "All-Russian Book of Honor" includes organizations in the register free of charge and only on the basis of recommendations and suggestions of independent regional and municipal authorities as well as authoritative state institutions.
"Moscow Quality" is an annual Moscow contest of goods and services produced in Russia and sold in Moscow. The organizers of the contest are the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the newspaper "Evening Moscow".
A new brand store “Pryanichanaya Sazhina” opened on 5th December in the waiting room of Voronezh-1 rail way station.
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